Air Filters & Air Conditioning Check

Checking & Changing an Air Filter

If the engine receives a plentiful amount of clean air, the overall performance and efficiency of the vehicle will improve. Also, do not forget about the cabin filter since the air is not fresh inside the car if the cabin filter is worn-out.


You will likely notice some signs when your cabin air filter is not working properly, including fan noises, various odours coming from the vents, and reduced airflow.


To ensure your air conditioning is working at its best and won’t lead to other problems like foggy or icy windows, you must have this system checked and repaired. Book an inspection and avoid being caught by surprise! 

Our Services​

  1. Engine
  2. Premium oil
  3. Air filters & air conditioning check
  4. Lamp lighting check
  5. Fluids review (coolant, brake fluid etc)
  6. Tyre rotation & calibration (if required)
  7. Belt, brakes, and battery hoses test
  8. Suspension review
  9. Gap measurement
  10. Test drive