Brakes are vital for your safety, as they allow you to stop the car instantly and avoid serious accidents. That’s why our experts carefully run tests and look for any strange noises to ensure your brakes are in good condition.

Some sure signs your brakes need some TLC include shuddering through the pedal and squealing noises when the friction has worn away the brake pads and is now grinding metal-on-metal. You should also check the braking system’s hydraulic fluid reservoir, and it should be flushed at regular intervals as water can build up. If water builds up, the brake pedal will feel spongy or will potentially travel too far.

Our Services

  1. Engine
  2. Premium oil 
  3. Air filters & air conditioning check
  4. Lamp lighting check
  5. Fluids review (coolant, brake fluid etc)
  6. Tyre rotation & calibration (if required)
  7. Belt, brakes, and battery hoses test
  8. Suspension review
  9. Gap measurement
  10. Test drive