Fluids Check (Coolant, Brake Fluid, etc.)

Routine Car Maintenance

Your engine becomes dirty over time. Good oil filters remove accumulated dirt particles and keep the car components lubricated, preventing erosion. Not replacing this filter periodically can shorten the life of your engine and severely damage your car.


At Fixd Prestige, we use the best quality fluids to keep your engine clean and free from any contaminants.

Our Services‚Äč

  1. Engine
  2. Premium oil
  3. Air filters & air conditioning check
  4. Lamp lighting check
  5. Fluids review (coolant, brake fluid etc)
  6. Tyre rotation & calibration (if required)
  7. Belt, brakes, and battery hoses test
  8. Suspension review
  9. Gap measurement
  10. Test drive