Lamp Lighting Check

Testing for lamps and lights

It’s important to make sure all your vehicle’s signals are functional to avoid accidents. Ask for another person’s help to finish this check. Sit in the car, turn on all the lights and signals, and ask them if the lights are functioning properly. Spare bulbs can also be prepared during your trip, just in case. (At least one for each light, including headlights, indicators, reverse lights, and tail lights.)

Our Services​

  1. Engine
  2. Premium oil
  3. Air filters & air conditioning check
  4. Lamp lighting check
  5. Fluids review (coolant, brake fluid etc)
  6. Tyre rotation & calibration (if required)
  7. Belt, brakes, and battery hoses test
  8. Suspension review
  9. Gap measurement
  10. Test drive