Log Book Service

Servicing All Models and Makes

Essentially, they form a paper trail that reinforces the log book with a detailed picture of work performed over the car’s lifetime. 

Log book services include:

  • Change engine oil and oil filter.
  • Brake inspection and adjustment.
  • Check steering and suspension.
  • 40 point vehicle inspection.
  • Check and top up under bonnet fluid levels.
  • Computer battery test.
  • Check tyre pressures.
  • Check radiator hoses.

Our Services​

  1. Engine
  2. Premium oil
  3. Air filters & air conditioning check
  4. Lamp lighting check
  5. Fluids review (coolant, brake fluid etc)
  6. Tyre rotation & calibration (if required)
  7. Belt, brakes, and battery hoses test
  8. Suspension review
  9. Gap measurement
  10. Test drive