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Whether you're looking for suspension review, oil filter change, battery test, a fix for wonky wheels or a complete check-up, we're your destination! Check our services list or search below:

Our services
Suspension Review
  • Suspension Review Has your car bounced or been pulling to one side when you turn? When you park, does one side seem to be lower than the other? You may need a suspension review.  Our mechanics will check your tyres, the air in them, arms, joints, springs, linkages and all the other components that are […]
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Log Book Service
  • Log book services include:
  • Change engine oil and oil filter.
  • Brake inspection and adjustment.
  • Check steering and suspension.
  • 40 point vehicle inspection.
  • Check and top up under bonnet fluid levels.
  • Computer battery test
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Fluids Check Coolant, Brake Fluid
  • Fluids Check (Coolant, Brake Fluid, etc.) Routine Car Maintenance Your engine becomes dirty over time. Good oil filters remove accumulated dirt particles and keep the car components lubricated, preventing erosion. Not replacing this filter periodically can shorten the life of your engine and severely damage your car.   At Fixd Prestige, we use the best […]
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Lamp Lighting Check
  • Lamp Lighting Check Testing for lamps and lights It’s important to make sure all your vehicle’s signals are functional to avoid accidents. Ask for another person’s help to finish this check. Sit in the car, turn on all the lights and signals, and ask them if the lights are functioning properly. Spare bulbs can also […]
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Air Filters & Air Conditioning Check
  • Air Filters & Air Conditioning Check Checking & Changing an Air Filter If the engine receives a plentiful amount of clean air, the overall performance and efficiency of the vehicle will improve. Also, do not forget about the cabin filter since the air is not fresh inside the car if the cabin filter is worn-out. […]
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  • Can't come to us?
  • We'll collect your car and drop it back once it's Fixd!
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